Blog: Van LaLaLa naar LaLaLi

Blog by Hanna Buschke, participant in the Art of Facilitation training course  “LaLaLi” – je denkt nu misschien aan een riedeltje van een slaapliedje. Weliswaar was dit de mantra tijdens de training “Kunst van het […]

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The Perspectivity Story of Tereza

Making it possible for people to connect with themselves. With others. With the context. And with the purpose. This is what I always wanted to do. And what is driving me forward. I was born […]

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Perspectivity at Ashoka University India

The energy remained high all day at the Centre for Entrepreneurship as Perspectivity’s Dharmesh Mistry hosted 3 sessions of its Climate Challenge for over 65 members of Ashoka University in Sonepat, Haryana, India on the […]

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  • '...This has been a real example of empowerment. Through excellent facilitation, a strong team was formed and empowered to develop a high quality product....'

    Elgin Learning Foundation, South Africa

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  • '...The art is to stay in the background and still be in charge....'

    Wim Brouwer
    Lector, Smart Services Boulevard, Nederland

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  • '...For me personally the collaboration has been one of personal ánd intellectual growth, more than compensating for the hard work…...'

    Beatrijs Stikkers
    Head Policy Analysis and Advocacy, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, The Netherlands

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  • '...Spontaan deden mensen handreikingen naar elkaar, groepen die daarvoor in een impasse zaten....'

    Een deelnemer

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  • '...That weekend we were all dragged out of our comfort zones time and time again....'

    Michael Donnelly
    OasisGame – Municipality of Burrenbridge - Ireland

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  • '...Hard and serious thinking was alternated with laughter and fun…....'

    Bernadette van Dijck
    Manager Europe, Radio Netherlands Training Centre (RNTC), The Netherlands

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  • '...en bovenal een sfeer van wederzijds vertrouwen te scheppen dat onmisbaar was voor het succes...'

    Raoul Nolen
    Director Young in Prison

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  • '...gradually they began to realize the relation between the personal and systemic levels...'

    Dr. Mohammed Al-Mottahar
    Vice Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research Yemen

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  • '...The outcome was much better than we all than we ever could have hoped for...'

    Gert Wentzel – head of Production and Development Solvay Pharmaceuticals
    Head Pharmaceutical and Analytical Development, Solvay Pharmaceuticals BV, The Netherlands

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