Dialogue and learning

The concepts of inspired dialogue and self-reflective learning are central to Perspectivity. This is how we define them:

  • Inspired dialogue: a process of interaction among a group of multiple stakeholders, whereby all perspectives on a common issue are passionately expressed and appreciatively understood in an engaging, structured and balanced manner. Multiple perspectives are valued and integrated into creative, often innovative, shared solutions for complex challenges. Inspired dialogue is a fertile ground for self-reflective learning.
  • Self-reflective learning: a process of inner dialogue that leads to reflection on real experience or new information, of openly and honestly testing these against broader concepts and earlier assumptions, accepting any differences and integrating them into new insights. Self-reflective people actively create, capture, transfer and mobilize knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to adapt to a changing environment. Self-reflective learning is a capacity that strongly enhances the capability of dialogue.

It is our purpose to help people manage complexity by co-designing processes that enable inspired dialogue and self-reflective learning through an iterative process of appreciative understanding and self-expression.

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