Blog: From LaLaLa to LaLaLi

Blog by Hanna Buschke, participant in the Art of Facilitation training course  “LaLaLi” – you might be thinking of tune of a lullaby now. It is, however, the mantra during the training course “The Art of […]

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Blog: Reflect & Adapt

How do you keep improving in a world that is constantly on the move?  ‘Reflective Communication Scrum’, that is the name of the publication through which Betteke van Ruler, emeritus professor of communication science, introduced Scrum […]

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Blog: Top 5 Tips for Female Travellers

Ever feel uncomfortable travelling alone as a woman? Is the idea of potential aggression or harassment holding you back from going on a trip by yourself? Perspectivity’s Hanne Verhoeven gives trainings about safety for female […]

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