Community centres of Maastricht carve out their future

How do we deal with the fact that our boards keep getting older? How do we let the rules around commercial exploitation of community centres work for us? Which role does the municipality play in supporting community centres? 

These were the questions that surfaced when mapping the ideas and challenges for the community houses and centres in Maastricht in a series of meetings for community centre board members that were facilitated by Perspectivity. Nine themes were identified, amongst others about maintenance, management and exploitation, and will be discussed with the alderman. This will lead to a support agreement with the municipality and more connections and knowledge sharing in Maastricht.

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Cartoon by Eliane Gerritsen, Comic House

Municipality of Burrenbridge plays “Oasis Game”

Burrenbridge is like any traditional rural road in Ireland. The road is made up of people whose families have been there for generations and others who are brand new to the area. There are many who are part of a strong rural network but these are invisible and many families live in isolation – looking to friends, family and contacts from outside the area for their relationships.

The process was to kick off on the evening of Friday 23rd March 2012 with an intensive weekend of work by the core group, culminating in a community workshop on Sunday the 25th. This workshop was to set up the projects for action the following weekend. The journey from a rural disconnected road to having over 120 people on the field for two days working together, eating together, making friends for the first time, meeting old friends again was miraculous.