Activating social policy in the Municipality of Amsterdam

Ok, so the policy has been written. But how do you add some oomph to it? How do you make sure that the enthusiasm felt by management and policymakers is that infectueus that it affects people in the workplace? And especially the other way around: how do you make sure that the expertise of the workplace receives enough attention within policy?

With these questions in mind, the ‘Activeringsdag Samen Bouwen 2.0’ (Activation Day Building Together 2.0) was organised on the 23 of May and facilitated by Perspectivity’s Michiel. Following the event in September of last year, the day’s content was determined. Over 200 client managers and programme and policy makers from the municipality of Amsterdam could choose from a wide ranging palet of workshops. Some more focused on policy, others on the clients or on experiences from real life. There was also the opportunity to directly engage in dialogue with the alderman. The day was very enervating. Check out the accompanying video (Dutch only):

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Young P-event: Discover the other in yourself

  • Do you feel like you live in a social bubble?
  • Do you ask yourself why polarisation is increasing in the world? And why more and more anti-movements are being set up around us?
  • Do you want to explore the perspective of the other? Are you curious to investigate that perspective in yourself? 

Then this event is something for you! On the evening of the 23rd of February we will explore these complex questions with peers, challenge ourselves and exchange experiences from our own realities. See you there? 

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Human Security Collective

Human Security Collective (HSC) is a foundation with a strong background in development, conflict transformation and security. We operate worldwide on issues of security and the involvement of citizens and their communities. We believe that the idea of human security provides an organising frame for security action.

Sprockler at Border Sessions Festival

Lisette Gast was invited by Border Sessions, the international festival on technology and society in The Hague, to speak about Sprockler and its innovative approach to data. Together with Jonne Catshoek, director of Elva Community Engagement, a platform that similarly to Sprockler captures people’s voices through using mobile technology solutions, she spoke about how voices and stories can lead to actionable insights.

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Senior citizen dialogue in Maastricht

Sprockler Evaluates Media Development Conference in Bonn

In October, Perspectivity’s storytelling tool Sprockler was invited to speak at the 2015 Forum Media and Development (FoME) Symposium hosted by Deutsche Welle (DW) Akademie in Bonn, Germany. The topic of this two-day conference was ‘Focus on Impact: Advanced Methods and Concepts in Media Development’. Media development professionals from all over the world were invited to discuss and present new methods and concepts as well as ways they can effectively be applied and continue to improve the quality of media development projects.

After speaking at the symposium, Sprockler was asked to evaluate the whole event in cooperation with DW Akademie. This was a great opportunity for Sprockler to show off its unique quantitative and qualitative potential. It asked participants to share stories and interpret the meaning of their own stories. In this way, Sprockler could show off their experiences with the event and the insights they gathered in a visual and user-friendly manner. Click here to see the interactive representation.

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Women on the Frontline (WoF) in the Middle East and Northern Africa

Perspectivity is contributing with passion and compassion to the Women on the Frontline programme of the consortium of Hivos, Oxfam, PwC and IWPR. We feel inspired and challenged to contribute to achieving impact with this programme in such a complex environment.

Many countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa are facing conflict, extremism, repression and polarisation. Despite this, many women still work hard every day to build an inclusive society based on peace, equality and human rights. The WoF programme supports young women organisations to be active leaders and build peace. Their message is loud and clear: lasting peace and democratic change is not possible without women.

This autumn Han(ne), Lisette and Han have assisted the consortium of the Women on the Frontline programme to develop a theory of change. They were also invited to write a concept note for the second phase of the programme.  We feel proud to contribute to this challenging programme.

In April this year Lisette and Han(ne) have facilitated a workshop on sustainable activism for the same programme. A touching film about this event is ready.


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Perspectivity Games-Showcase Event

We are all – to a lesser or to more extent – familiar with the Perspectivity Game. But did you already pick up the news that Perspectivity has brand new game challenges to offer? Does it make you curious? We are organizing a “games-showcase” event to show off and reveal the newly developed game concepts: to play and learn if/how they might be useful in groups and settings that you live or work with!

Which games are we talking about? There is the Public Health Challenge, the Decision-making Challenge, the Food Challenge, the Human Security Challenge, National Security Challenge and the Stress Nexus Challenge. The new box and board design of the existing Perspectivity Climate Challenge will also be on display, which looks fantastic.

The developers of the games will run a demo play workshop for everyone interested. You are able to participate in at least two workshops during the event – and when there is appetite to experience a full session, then we can organize a follow-up event to do that.

The event also includes an update about recent game developments and how we hope to create a next level impact with the game going forward, including stepping up the way we deliver games in the business sector.

Practical details

Thursday 22th of October 2015
15:00-17:30 hrs
Drinks afterwards (after 17:30)
Location: Tolhuistuin, Tolhuisweg 5, Amsterdam

Please RSVP to Imre van der Linden via before 5th of October

Save-the-date: Train-the-Trainer event Saturday 28 November

New games also require some new trainings. Hence we will organize a new Train-the-Trainer event, for those interested inside and outside our network. If interested, please keep Saturday 28th of November reserved in your agenda. This day will probably consist of a differentiated program: a Train-the-Trainer session for the Perspectivity Challenge for new joiners; and a training session for becoming facilitator of one of the new games. More details about this training day will follow shortly.

If you are interested in a training, or know someone who is, please also inform us.

Please also inform us in case you are interested, but not able to make it on November 28th.

We are looking forward to meet you & play the new games!

Open Game July 8 in Utrecht!

Growing Our Impact Together – Perspectivity & IFF

On the second day of the Perspectivity Network Event with the International Futures Forum (IFF) – a group of people with ideas very similar to Perspectivity’s -, we explored how we can grow our impact on the world.

Three Horizons

Anthony Hodgson, Graham Leicester and Denis Stewart of the IFF introduced us to their Three Horizons Model. This model is used for transformative innovation. It can be a useful framework to envision social change in the future and what the necessary steps are to get there.

Three Horizons Framework presented to Perspectivity Network by Anthony Hodgson from FunnelVision on Vimeo.

We shared and used our own experiences, realities and aspirations to envision what these horizons would look like for us, as a network of inspired people, and how we can grow our collective impact.

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