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We are Perspectivity Enterprise, a group of passionate professionals who build inspiring collaborations for sustainable growth. In current times of increasing complexity, blue prints have become obsolete. As Perspectivity, we dare to look at the world upside down and invite you to do the same. We bring a fresh perspective.

Perspectivity works with groups and individuals to address complex realities in organisations and communities. We engage people from all walks of life, with differing interests and perceptions. We help them to find common ground to work productively together towards shared goals.

Dialogue at Wageningen University

Wageningen Universiteit & Research (WUR) is working on all kinds of complex societal issues that trigger many different opinions. To be able to adequately fulfil their role as a knowledge organisation and to be able to steer […]

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U4 universities – Leading in a global context

Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden The four universities are embarking on a university leadership programme, facilitated by Perspectivity. Having realised that the demands on future university leaders are increasingly complex. Changes in current times create escalating […]

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