Power of expression

In dealing with the speed of complexity around us, a key element to staying resilient and become more agile, is to find your voice, your expression, your passion. It’s the place from where you create your world. This can be for you as a (future) leader, a team, an organisation, as a social business or any collective.

Knowing who you are and what you want (to create) will help you interact with your complex surroundings more clearly and with more alignment. Carving out your passion, is a rewarding proces and we want to support you in it. We offer you tasters, workshops and trainingsessions to strech essential ‘muscles’ like self-expression and creativity.

Self-expression and creativitiy are not difficult – they are actually quite natural and easy when we go into ‘play-mode’. Research shows that ‘play’ is good not only for becoming creative but that it’s also vital to our health, since playing reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue/burn out.

To add to this, self-expression is something that is abundant in the mind-body & heart. With our traininigs and facilitation we tapp into this often forgotten power.

Perspectivity offers stand-alone and build-in modules that mix very well in combination with other trajectories to bring in more self-expression, creativity and energy.

Workshops & trainings are based on a maximum amount of participation, intervision and peer-to-peer learning.

Our modules:

  • Power Of Stories – exploring complex (somtimes also abstract) topics through the power of storytelling, theatre and dialogue sessions.
  • Future Theatre – what’s the vision, the story of the ideal future of your organisation? does it feel right and is everyone involved? can we playfully explore how to get there? This workshop lets’ you fully explore your future possibilities without the fear of failure.
  • Innovation Theatre – this is a serious game that enacts your real-life biggest obstacle you want to tackle in a safe and creative way, and is always custom made. It combines the best of visioning, co-creation and prototyping (‘ideation’).

For who

The modules above are open to individuals (open entry) and can be done in-company. We encourage you to take this modules if you and your organisation or business want to:

  • to feel inspired to try a different way to build awereness around challenging topics
  • start working creatively on a topic or vision and want to do so in a co-creative, playfull, light manner
  • feel and test your abilities in a game-like setting, experience the joy of improvising and learn in a steadfast way how to do things differently
  • explore and develop a better understanding of a complex issue, to go below the usual surface, and to do so in a safe way that allows for the space to explore and integrate the wisdom of the group.

All modules are good if you want to achieve the following goals. You want to create more awereness, engagement around a certain topic in your organisational life. And/or you want to explore change – this could be a change in behaviour, skills, attitude, vision, energy, goals, in any complex issue. If you want to emphasize the element of co-creation, we suggest Future Theatre. If you want to stress the agility element we suggest Innovation Theatre.

Anna Kogut uses creative techniques, for example from the world of (participatory) drama, to awaken self-expression and creativity as to strengthen and empower individuals and organisation in their quest for meaning, collaboration and change. You can read her bio here.

For more information:

Contact: Anna.Kogut@perspectivity.org