SPROCKLER is an innovative new storytelling research tool to make sense of what happens in organisations and communities.

It enables the user to collect stories about a matter of relevance, be it the safety in a production plant, women’s role in conflict resolution in communities, or the evaluation of an organisations’ strategy. SPROCKLER can be used online – using an app or the Internet – or offline – simply using pen and paper.

A unique feature of SPROCKLER is that respondents give meaning to their own story, instead of others interpreting what their story “supposedly” means. Once we have collected lots of stories, we categorise them. This allows us to see the larger patterns across organisations or communities. In other words, it produces user-friendly statistical information, backed up by real-life stories.

SPROCKLER is the alternative to traditional surveys and questionnaires that assume that the right questions are asked, are often boring to fill out, don’t share the final results with the respondent, and that do little justice to the complexity of our modern world in which things are not so straightforward as assumed.

Using SPROCKLER you gain access to both people’s personal experiences as well as the larger patterns across organisations or communities.

SPROCKLER was developed by Han Rakels, Lisette Gast and Anne van Marwijk of Perspectivity in collaboration with René van der Heijden of SPADit and a Czech-based software development team for technical support.

More info

  • The first SPROCKLER short-training is expected to take place in November of this year.
  • Check-out the brand new website www.sprockler.com