The Perspectivity Network comprises all those who are inspired by our ideas on sustainable solutions for complex societal problems and who want to help convey these ideas to a broader audience. The active members of the Network are a group of people from all walks of life who participate in Perspectivity workshops and events, contribute to our implementation projects and/or facilitate the Perspectivity Game.

The Perspectivity Network started in the Netherlands and today the local network group consists of approximately 50 people. Over the years it has branched out into several regional practices across the globe including the United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Tanzania, India, Cambodia, Philippines and China.

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Perspectivity Academy

Perspectivity is offering a truly innovative and authentic programme that embraces the latest new perspectives and the latest insights on ‘making sense of complexity”.

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The Perspectivity Network events are organised three times a year and provide members and newcomers an inspirational program, designed along the lines of Perspectivity principles..

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Perspectivity Challenge

No greater learning than from experience..... What lessons do you remember best? Textbook texts or those where you experienced a problem yourself and had to think hard about it? The Perspectivity Game creates a lesson from experience in the social dynamics of sustainability issues.

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