About us

Perspectivity is a collective of committed individuals and professional consultants, dedicated to helping build sustainable organisations and societies.

At Perspectivity, we are convinced that with the knowledge, technology and resources we have available, there are fantastic opportunities for humanity to live and develop with meaning and dignity in a sustainable, mutually enriching relationship with our environment.

We believe that inspired dialogue and self-reflective learning are needed for people to be able to unlock their collective wisdom, passion and creativity.

Through facilitating interactive processes people will be able to manage the complexity of today’s world, to make full use of the potential of their diversity and so to seize the opportunities for building a humane and sustainable society. We at Perspectivity are deeply committed to doing all we can in order to bring this about.

Partos Innovation Festival

Trainings that Trigger

We train to enable organisations and people to live their passions to the fullest. To add value to organisations, teams, individuals so that they bring out their very best. To support a transformation that is greatly desired or simply unavoidable. To empower organisations and people so that they can take full responsibility for the situation they are in and the future they aspire to.

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network event may 2013

Network activities

The Perspectivity Network was started in The Netherlands and has since then spread across the world. There are active members in the United Kingdom, Germany, United States of America, Tanzania, India, Cambodia, the Philippines and China.

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