What is the origin of the name Perspectivity?
The name ‘Perspectivity’ stands for the art of suspending our prejudgments in problematic situations and first seeking the perspectives of all those involved. The last part of the word derives from ‘activity’, indicating that we are not only reflective but also action-oriented.

Can you give me an explanation of the Perspectivity logo?
The V in the logo represents a person who sees the world from a different perspective because he is standing on his hands. Perhaps we should all make a (proverbial) handstand every now and then and approach problems from a different angle.

How is the Perspectivity Network funded?
The foundation’s starting capital was provided by the founder. The Perspectivity Foundation relies on donations from communities, organisations and individuals that support our ideas. Income is now also generated by Perspectivity Game sessions. 

Can I join the Perspectivity Network?
Yes, you can. We want to spread Perspectivity’s ideas by gradually expanding our network of committed individuals. In order to join, you must be willing to regularly attend our workshops and events, take part in our implementation projects and/or facilitate sessions of the Perspectivity Game. If you are interested, please let us know (check the contact page).

How else can I contribute to Perspectivity?
First of all, by sharing your ideas with us via mail or phone or on our Facebook page.
You can also support us financially. Please contact us by email for details.

Is Perspectivity an international initiative?
Yes, it is. The motherland of Perspectivity is the Netherlands, but we have active branches in the United Kingdom, India, China and The Philippines. Membership of the Perspectivity Network is not limited by nationality or country of origin. English is the language of communication.

What is the Perspectivity Foundation?

The Perspectivity Network is supported by the Dutch non-profit entity: Stichting (Foundation) Perspectivity. The postal address of the Foundation is Krugerplein 10-A, 1091 KX Amsterdam, The Netherlands. KvK registration number in Amsterdam is 14104743.