Future exploration data in the energy market

The Netherlands is rapidly switching towards a distributed energy system, where all citizens and also a lot of companies become prosumers (producer and consumer at the same time). In this way a lot of new – mainly digital – markets come into existence, through platforms. Platforms for which there are no clear rules. And that can result in major risks, such as unwanted power concentrations, manipulation of users and even violations of human rights. But there are also great opportunities for a democratic organisation of our new energy system and for increasing energetic efficiency. That is why from the 26th to the 28th of June about 50 of the best thinkers and doers from this field came together to design rules for a fair, inclusive, democratically governable digital energy market.

Representatives from seven main stakeholder groups were present:

  • ICT companies: soft- and hardware/algorithm developers, inbedders of the rules
  • Energy companies: companies that produce energy (in the traditional way) and sell this to their clients
  • Scientists: scientist feed the discourse around democratisation of the use of data in the energy market
  • Network operators: network operators are the organisations that implement the rules
  • Start-ups / scale-ups: companies that form an alternative for traditional companies with their innovative solutions and services
  • Government: governmental bodies and departments that make it possible to formulate, promulgate and enforce policy
  • Prosumers: Civilians, cooperations and NGOs that promote new forms of organising and promote sustainable energy

In 2.5 days we explored the issue from all relevant perspectives using the Future Search methodology. We looked at where everyone comes from and what effect the past has on where we are now. We investigated the large trends that are currently playing a role in the issue of data on the energy market. Next, we looked at what we want in the future and we formulated seven shared ambitions for the future. We ended with a series of concrete action plans for how we can realise this desired future.

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