Mozambique goes Sprockler

Sprockler Manica

Two consortia of agrarian institutes in Mozambique are using Sprockler to collect stories to discover patterns in complex situations.

  • The Royal Tropical Institute is using it for its mid-term review of a nation-wide project for the seed sector.
  • The Technical University of Delft has conducted a baseline survey to map water management in the Zambezi Valley.
  • Over twenty local and provincial coordinators and the head of monitoring and evaluation of the Agency for Development of the Zambezi Valley were trained to design inquiries, collect data, visualize them and interpret their meaning.

The Agency for Development want to use Sprockler to conduct tracer studies for students: “Where do they end up after graduation and why?”, to follow-up on action research: “Do communities indeed benefit from research projects and how?”, and to measure the impact of short training courses: “Do participants apply what they learned in practice and to what extent?”.

So stay tuned for more Sprockler news from Mozambique in the near future!

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