Perspectivity Fest 6 October 2018

Perspectivity Fest

We are excited to invite you to the Perspectivity Fest 2018.
Join us on 6 October 2018 in ‘Blue City’ in Rotterdam.

The Perspectivity Fest is our new, annual event. An encounter to deepen your network, exchange  experiences and share lessons learned. A place to see, hear and feel the impact and range of the work that has been done. A time to tap into the wealth of knowledge and explore big questions together. A day that will ignite your ambitions and your dreams. Or maybe a breath of inspiration to start something new.

Get your tickets now! Follow this link to order them.

Transition times
The Perspectivity Fest offers a highly inspirational, fun and interactive mix of workshops, co-creation sessions and (open-space like) speaker corners! All around this year’s central theme: co-creating communities in times of transition. With a focus on three ‘areas of transition’: food, energy and social diversity.

Curious about topics, cases, workshops? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • What are the challenges when creating ‘circular’ products’?
  • What happens when diverse stakeholders in the energy sector meet?
  • How do you tap into the ‘wisdom of the minority’?
  • Have you ever experienced a ‘soft shoe shuffle’? Now you can!

Who is invited?
Whether you know us thoroughly, or just heard of Perspectivity.
Whether you are employed or independent.
Whether you work for a government, a business or an NGO.
Small, big, or in between.

We welcome all creative minds, connectors and innovative go-getters to be part of the community. A community of professionals passionate about exploring how to navigate in these times of transition.

And you… do you want to get involved? Do you want share, talk, discuss, or host a workshop? Don’t be shy! Get in contact with us!

We are excited to host this event and look forward to meeting with you on October 6 in Blue City.