The Perspectivity Enterprise conducts short assignments and executes long projects for a wide variety of businesses, social profit organisations, governments and public agencies. We work in Europe and in many emerging and developing markets, including China, India, Brasil, Philippines, Jordan and Tanzania.

We have experience in a broad variety of sectors and issues, including (higher) education, healthcare water, ICT, energy, media, agriculture, tourism, human rights, migration, and many more.

Social Lab Debt Relief

“Can you facilitate a lab for improving debt relief services in Amsterdam? We already have a framework with ambitions and themes. Now we want to bring policy makers and practitioners together to design a development […]

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Participation Works Lab in Amsterdam

“How can we make it possible that more Amsterdammers participate sustainably?”  This is one of the top priorities of the Amsterdam municipality, since the Participation Act and the new Social Support Act came into force […]

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