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We are facilitators of social systems change. We are convinced that today’s complexity offers fantastic opportunities for creativity, innovation and collaboration. By embracing complexity, we can create our desired future together. 

How can we help you?

Facilitation of multi stakeholder processes

To foster collaboration and innovation, we facilitate dialogue processes with diverse stakeholders around shared challenges. Strengthening common ground and including a diversity in perspectives brings depth, generates new insights and provides opportunities for strategic decision making and collective action. 

Narrative research and evaluation

To unravel patterns in complexity, we use the power of stories for research and evaluation in a participatory and inclusive manner. By collecting personal experiences and making sense of their meaning, we help you draw lessons from the past, learn from their effects on the present and make decisions for the future. 

Leadership and capacity Strengthening

To help you and your organisation navigate complexity, we offer group training and coaching on the job. We help you to strengthen your leadership skills and provide tools and methodologies that you can use to manage complex situations. 

Our projects

Learning from a youth programme in Tunisia and the Netherlands

>> Partner: Human Security Collective

Question: Can you set up and conduct an innovative monitoring and evaluation system for an international youth programme?

ACT Academy Strengthens Youth Leadership in Turkey

>> Partner: Netherlands Embassy in Turkey

Question: Can you help Dutch embassies in countries affected by conflict sustainably support civil society actors?  

Building the future of development cooperation

>> Partner: Partos

Question: Can you help us with designing, facilitating and conducting a collective exploration of the future of Dutch development cooperation? 

Complexity Navigator

To successfully navigate complexity and create collective impact, you need to pay attention to nine crucial aspects of complexity. These nine building blocks help you unravel your specific situation and find your starting point for action.

Read more about the Complexity Navigator to get started.


Want to learn more about navigating complexity? Eager to learn how to facilitate a generative dialogue, how to use the value of different perspectives or how to conduct narrative and participatory research? We offer various training courses, both by open enrollment and tailor-made for your organisation.

Latest Stories

Are you ready to move on?

Are you ready to move on?

Perspectivity’s Han Rakels delivered a Future Search training for iCRA, and some Perspectivity colleagues joined the training. Here are our reflections on the 3-day training.

Transformative Futures for Water Security initiative 

Transformative Futures for Water Security initiative 

Water security is key to our collective future, yet many places in the world experience severe water insecurity. We have to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all (SDG 6). Perspectivity facilitated this initiative for the Global South on the future of water security in the lead-up to the UN 2023 Water Conference.

“Perspectivity’s work is based on human contact and social structures. Human contact is a whimsical process. It can rub, explode, unite or run smoothly.”

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10 people on a row

...That weekend we were all dragged out of our comfort zones time and time again....'

Michael Donnelly
OasisGame – Municipality of Burrenbridge – Ireland


'...en bovenal een sfeer van wederzijds vertrouwen te scheppen dat onmisbaar was voor het succes...'

Raoul Nolen
Director Young in Prison


'...gradually they began to realize the relation between the personal and systemic levels...'

Dr. Mohammed Al-Mottahar
Vice Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research Yemen