Sharing expertise and learning together

The Perspectivity Community assembles a broad range of people who are eager to share expertise and learn how to manage complexity together. The Community includes independent professionals as well as employees in large and small organisations, and, of course, the partners in the Collective.

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The Community organises knowledge sharing meetings and informal gatherings on a regular basis. Self-management and co-creation are at its core; any member can put a topic on the agenda and invite others to make it happen.

What others say about our community

“I believe that, within any complex system, there is a liberating power for innovation, learning and change – quite like how a seed that fell in between rocks can grow into a flower, or perhaps into a Banyan tree.

Grace Lau

Hong Kong

“Perspectivity brings me a better understanding of the quality dialogue has to offer and new methods to empower people. Next to that, I became part of a network of like-minded and dedicated people. I regularly have a cup of coffee with one of the members of the network and often they give me new insights on my work and projects.” 

Fanny Claassen

the Netherlands

“The Perspectivity Challenge has a power to really push you towards the edge and see the world from the other side, makes you realise the reasons why the world is where it is today. It has a power to initiate inspired dialogues and facilitate learning through self-reflection. My own experience while playing Perspectivity challenge, not only changed my perspective towards Climate but also towards the concept competition and act of winning. I decided to share it with others so as to inspire a change in mindsets.” 

Manpreet Kaur Juneja


“There is no longer one party who is the expert and not one party has the total overview. Therefore, there is the need for people, information, resources and parties to collaborate with each other. I can completely find myself in Perspectivity’s vision on dealing with current complex challenges” 

Anna Kogut

the Netherlands

“I was involved in Perspectivity from the start. Perspectivity changed my life. The network gives me joy, inspiration and knowledge to improve the way I work and the way I communicate with people.”

Frans Ottenhof

the Netherlands


Stimulate collective entrepreneurship & innovative ventures

Perspectivity stimulates collective entrepreneurship and innovative ventures that contribute to our mission. We use CoBudget, an online crowdfunding platform, to propose and develop new ideas, to request funding and to invest yourself. Or all of the above!

The idea behind it is to put money in the middle, decide together how to spend it and make exciting stuff happen. Through CoBudget, we enable creative ideas, safe-to-fail experiments and daring initiatives to get off the ground.

Examples of previous CoBudget investments:

  • First Perspectivity Writeshop
  • Publication: A bundle of complexity
  • Digitisation of the Perspectivity Game Challenge
  • Art and youth in the Middle East conference
  • Perspectivity Fest

Join CoBudget

Do you have a great idea that needs funding or money that is looking for a cause? Send us an e-mail to learn how you can join Perspectivity’s crowdfunding platform.