Marjolein Kok

I am a facilitator, coach, trainer and evaluator. Fair, inclusive and participatory processes drive my work. 

Over the years I gained experience in fragile and complex settings, collaborating with various organizations – in the public and private sector, in all four corners of the world – to work towards building peace, equality and greater ecological and social resilience of communities. I have experienced the need for conflict mediation, people-centered approaches, multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaborations. Therefore I love to support organizations and teams with designing and facilitating dialogue processes (online and face-to-face) for adaptive learning, policy planning and/or strategic decision making. Through these processes I aim to foster shared ownership, peer-to-peer learning, and participation of all stakeholders, especially of those who are usually excluded.

I also design and conduct complex and multi-country evaluations, and train and coach teams to monitor, evaluate and learn from programmes and projects using adaptive, qualitative and participatory approaches (such as participatory narrative inquiry). Through interactive sessions I support teams to design, collect and make sense of data and stories.

Generally, I am appreciated as a facilitator with a grounding, calming but uplifting presence, offering a creative and structured approach, as well as strategic and analytical thinking skills.

I have an academic background in international development, public policy and human rights and I am trained in Deep Democracy, facilitation and evaluation. I am also an expert member of a human rights commission in the Netherlands, and of the Harmony with Nature Knowledge Network of the United Nations. I love being in nature and support others to connect to nature. I also enjoy exploring different forms of creative expression, such as dance, song and painting.


Examples of what I do