I am very interested in the world after today, especially when it comes to the energy transition. It is just like watching a Star Trek episode. We see the future unfolding in the here and now. In both my professional and private life, I try to shape that future.

In my private domain, I can freely deal with this. I am eager to experiment: my house has been completely renovated using modern insulation techniques, solar panels, collectors and, as the icing on the cake, an air heat pump. I am also working on starting up sustainability initiatives in my own neighbourhood, particularly around the joint storage of electricity. This is where it starts to get more complex. Different insights and interests then suddenly play a role.

And this only increases in the professional domain. That is why I particularly focus on creating safe spaces to learn. I offer guidance and support in the design and implementation of change processes in and between organisations, where stakeholder participation and dialogue form the core. Next to larger projects, I also like a pressure cooker: a short team-building or inspiration session. Learning can be fun, even when it is about serious topics. To this end, I love to apply the serious games we developed ourselves. New insights are always guaranteed!

Climate & energy
Large scale interventions
Serious gaming

Examples of what I do

The smartest neighbourhood in the Netherlands

The smartest neighbourhood in the Netherlands

During a hybrid online/offline workshop on the 28th of October, an initiative by UNSense for a new neighbourhood in Helmond was on the agenda. A neighbourhood where the digital energy transition also touches upon the transition of services and data around the...

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