Anne van Marwijk

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Jan 11, 2018

Since 2014, I have been working at Perspectivity as a freelance consultant and facilitator. I really enjoy designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder processes and learning and evaluation trajectories. My background is in anthropology and development studies. I have lived in different countries such as Mexico, the United Kingdom and Tanzania and am currently situated in Amsterdam. From my background in anthropology and large fascination with languages, I am specially interested in connections and understanding between people. In October 2014, I joined Perspectivity as an intern and then went on to become a young enterpriser within Perspectivity. Since 2016, I become an official partner in the collective (maatschap). In my time at Perspectivity I co-developed research tool Sprockler to, through using the latest technological developments, make it easier to bring different perspectives together and find the connections between them. I train people in the approach and methodology behind the tool: how they can ask the right questions, how they can collect stories in a participatory manner, and start the conversation about the results for the story and data collection. In this way, I like to support people and organisations to use the tool to gain more insights into what is happening in their complex setting to make better decisions for the future. Next to my work with Sprockler processes, I design and facilitate multi-stakeholder processes and learning and evaluation trajectories. Recent examples include the multi-stakeholder process around the shelter and guidance for undocumented people in the municipality of Amsterdam, the end review of  knowledge platform for inclusive development policies INCLUDE and the learning trajectory for the Young Leaders for Human Security programma of the Human Security Collective.  For Perspectivity I also regularly produce visual reports of dialogue sessions or multiple day processes in the form of a website or newspaper. Examples of this can be found on our Publications page. E: M: +31624150669 S: annevanmarwijk