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  Dear game leaders, Together we ensure the success of the Perspectivity Challenges with our partners! Perspectivity is proud to be surrounded by a diverse pool of game leaders of […]
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Jul 3, 2019


Dear game leaders,

Together we ensure the success of the Perspectivity Challenges with our partners! Perspectivity is proud to be surrounded by a diverse pool of game leaders of diverse backgrounds and experiences who have the same passion for the game. With this item, we would like to clarify once more some of the policy choices around the game and the efforts of the game leaders.

A couple of years ago we have reconsidered our revenue model, partly due to changes in the way in which we are registered for the Dutch tax authorities. This is perhaps a bit too technical for a news item, but briefly for those interested: the Perspectivity Foundation has lost its ANBI status, partly because game activities are considered commercial activities. That makes our activities subject to VAT, which previously was not the case. This has lead us to reconsider making better use of our commercial potential.

The Perspectivity Challenges offer a valuable experience; and we can ask for appropriate compensation. The compensation for the game sessions is divided into different groups. The differentiated model looks like this:

  • A commercieel fee of €89,- per participant in the profit sector.
  • A middle fee of €59,- per participant for the semi-profit sector.
  • A low fee of 29,- per participant for the non-profit sector.

The higher fees cover the costs for game development, management and partly the non-profit sessions. These higher fees bring a responsibility to deliver good quality. We have for a long time secured the quality of our sessions by training our game leader first before they organise challenge sessions themselves. However, we would like to increase those standards, especially for the sessions with a commercial fee.

To be able to do that we distinguish between basic game leaders and advanced game leaders. This difference determines the role and efforts prior and during a game session and the financial compensation:

  • Basic game leaders are trained in one of Perspectivity’s challenges and are table host during a session (in some case lead facilitator). The standard compensation for a game session in €100,- plus reimbursement of travel costs (volunteer compensation).
  • Next to this, advanced game leaders can be lead facilitator for profit fee game sessions. The (maximised) compensation for a game session can, and in most cases will, be higher because it depends on the pricing arrangements made for the profit game session.

To become a basic game leader you can participate in the Train-the-trainer workshops that are organised twice a year. Every time another challenge will be on offer to ging potential game leader a chance to get trained in all challenges. To become an advanced game leader, you have to get certified. This can be done through following a one-day training programma (the Complexity training) where you learn facilitation techniques and methods of the Perspectivity way of thinking. This training will be on offer at least once a year and is a general training (not challenge specific). Next to that, refresher courses will be offered so it is possible to refresh your knowledge once every three years. Game leaders who have followed the Perspectivity Complexity training in the past are certified. In the transition period to this way of working, we will have to look at the practical considerations and might not always be able to fully act according to these principles.

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to call or send an email.

On behalf of the game circle,
Noor, Herman, Apostolos, Mark and Michiel