Citizens co-design their district masterplan

Residents think along to design a Masterplan for the district Nieuw-West in Amsterdam. Perspectivity was asked to organised two open sessions to facilitate the conversations between the residents and other relevant stakeholders.
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Sep 24, 2021

District Nieuw-West in Amsterdam is working on improving the liveability and safety of residents. A broad coalition of civil society organisations, residents, entrepreneurs, the municipality of Amsterdam will commence a 20-year approach: the Masterplan Nieuw-West.

The district organised various gatherings with residents this spring and summer to provide the space to provide input into the Masterplan.

Perspectivity was asked to organised two open sessions to facilitate conversations between residents and other relevant stakeholders to discuss what they consider important for the Masterplan.

The online sessions took place on 3 and 17 June. The first session kicked-off in Pakhuis de Zwijger, after which the conversation continued online to explore together what is already going well in the district and what the wishes are for the future. During the second session, residents deepened and sharpened ambitions and associated actions in various rounds.

Five ambitions and actions themes in the field of civil society connections and collaboration, housing and safe living, opportunities for youth, work and the economy, as well as inclusion and participation were subsequently presented to the coalition. These recommendations will be incorporate in the draft Masterplan early this autumn.

If you like to read more about the Masterplan, please visit this site:

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