Communication internship for innovative storytelling tool

For our Sprockler team, we are looking for an intern or graduate in the field of communication and/or online marketing. Will you introduce the world to our innovative online tool for storytelling on social issues?
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Dec 12, 2022

Internship — part-time or full-time — 3 to 6 months

In our work at Perspectivity, we make extensive use of Sprockler, our methodology and online tool for storytelling on complex social challenges. It is now widely used and with good results by municipalities, NGOs, civil society organisations and international organisations. Yet, this methodology is still new to many people and organisations. So there is much work to do to spread the Sprockler story more widely, to explain the methodology, and to put the many experiences and results in the spotlight. For this, we need your help!


In this internship, you will participate in a number of Sprockler projects. You will help think about forms and ways to bring out the Sprockler story even better. And you will carry out activities aimed at communication and (online) marketing. We think of the following concrete tasks:

  • writing news items for the website and social media
  • creating inspiring descriptions of successful Sprockler projects
  • making explainer videos about the Sprockler methodology
  • thinking along about other forms of communication and collaborating on them
  • compiling the newsletter
  • contributing to the development of the new website (
  • supporting colleagues in writing news items, project descriptions or blogs
  • identifying relevant (online) platforms to share our story
  • designing a attractive invitation to participate in a Sprockler survey
  • experimenting on social media to increase involvement of our target groups
  • thinking along and co-implementing new plans to reach new target groups

We will determine the exact content of the internship in consultation with you and possibly your study programme.


  • You are following a bachelor or master programme in (online) marketing and/or communication.
  • You can write well (especially web texts).
  • You feel involved with social issues and enjoy working on them.
  • You can work well independently and enjoy contributing new ideas.

What do we offer?

  • You will participate fully in a social enterprise where you will gain experience in innovative ways of working and collaborating.
  • You will have the space to fill in the internship based on your (learning) wishes and talents.
  • You will experience how Sprockler is used in practice for current social issues.
  • You will receive support in achieving your learning goals.
  • You will work at an inspiring office in the centre of The Hague (at least one day a week).
  • You will receive an internship allowance of €180 per month (based on full-time), plus reimbursement of travel expenses.

About us

Perspectivity is a collective of experienced professionals who help organisations find new solutions to complex social issues. We work extensively with municipalities, NGOs, ministries and international organisations. Themes we frequently work on are social issues, energy and sustainability, development cooperation, women and youth, and infrastructure.

In our assignments, we conduct participatory narrative research, asking people on a large scale about their experiences and ideas around a current issue. For this, we use Sprockler, an innovative methodology and online tool for storytelling that we developed ourselves ten years ago. With Sprockler, we collect authentic stories and experiences from people on a large scale, and visualise the patterns in all those stories. In this way, all stakeholders around a complex social issue are given a voice, their perspectives are heard and space is created for new insights and innovative solutions.


Are you interested in this internship? Would you like to know more about it? Please send us an e-mail and tell us your story, and we will get in touch with you soon.