Nine building blocks for creating collective impact in complexity
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For the love of complexity

Our world is complex, that is nothing new. What is new, however, is that people are confronted with more and more complexity, and are more aware of complex issues. Quite often, these are referred to as ‘wicked problems’. Think of the transition to sustainable energy, the organization of effective and humane care, or the creation of equal opportunities for all, locally and internationally.

With the growth of knowledge, technology, social diversity and interdependence in the world, issues are increasingly intertwined. Because of the involvement of large numbers of people and their diverse interests, no two situations are the same

Facilitate in complexity

As a result, there are no ready-made solutions or blueprints for complex issues. Traditional ways of working do not lead to the desired result – when making and implementing policy, managing projects and programmes, facilitating change processes or measuring results and effects. New ways of thinking, working and facilitating are needed that do not deny or simplify complexity but embrace it.

Addressing complex challenges requires bringing together diverse and sometimes even conflicting viewpoints. In this way, stakeholders discover the common ground they share allowing them to create a shared agenda for the future. By making full use of the collective wisdom and creativity, breakthroughs, innovation and change emerge. And new answers to the complex issues of today and tomorrow.

That is how you navigate complexity. Perspectivity helps you by facilitating this.

The Complexity Navigator

To navigate complexity, we have developed the Complexity Navigator: a vision and a practical tool to learn how to deal with complex challenges.

The Navigator is based on proven methods and our years of collective experience in working with complexity.

The Complexity Navigator consists of nine building blocks that help you to unravel your specific situation and find a starting point for action.

download the complexity navigator

Nine building blocks for creating collective impact in complexity