Evaluation: learning from youth programme in Tunisia and the Netherlands

The NGO Human Security Collective (HSC) implemented two youth leadership programmes in Tunisia and the Netherlands. The goal is to strengthen the capacities of youth leaders to contribute to resilience and human security in their communities. HSC asked Perspectivity to design and conduct the monitoring and evaluation of the programmes’ progress and outcomes.
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Human Security Collective


Can you set up and conduct an innovative monitoring and evaluation system for an international youth programme?


Design of monitoring and evaluation plan and conduct of a baseline review, mid-term and final evaluation using the Sprockler research tool.


  • Key insights into progress of and recommendations for the leadership programme.
  • Online platform for youth from Tunisia and the Netherlands to exchange stories.


The leadership programmes supported youth to set up their own initiatives, to be a mentor for their younger peers and engage with other stakeholders on human security issues in their neighbourhoods. HSC worked together with Free Sight Association and the Arab Institute in Tunisia and Participe and Stichting Jong in the Netherlands. These programmes were funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The programmes focused on specific neighbourhoods affected by marginalisation, polarisation, crime, drugs, radicalisation that lead to violent extremism and other issues which affected the lives of youth growing up in these areas. Exchanges took place between the Tunisian and Dutch youth leaders to gain insight into each other’s ways of working, analyses of root causes and contexts, were a key part of the programmes. 

Human Security Collective approached Perspectivity to set up an innovative monitoring and evaluation system for the programme. Perspectivity set up a participatory learning system, focusing on story exchange between youth leaders and their younger peers and between the youth leaders in the different countries to share experiences and learn from each other. Using Sprockler, Perspectivity conducted a baseline, mid-term and end-term evaluation. Additionally, an inquiry was sent out to evaluate the exchange element in the programmes. 

Evaluation results
The results of the evaluations were produced as online interactive reports in multiple languages, which allowed the youth to read each other’s stories and learn from each other’s perceptions on safety in ones community and also innovative ideas to strengthen resilience. For the organisations, the evaluations provided insight into progress and recommendations for the programme.  For example, the insights shared highlighted the need for further engagement with the local government and the police.

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