Evaluation of Winrock International’s John D. Rockefeller 3RD program
An outcome study of six research projects implemented in South Asia and Southeast Asia.
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Winrock International


What are the (research and policy informing) capacity and policy change outcomes of the John D. Rockefeller 3RD Scholars Program (JDR3) of six projects implemented in South Asia between 2008 and 2021?


Evaluation and outcome harvesting of six projects through interviews


  • Harvesting of intended and unintended outcomes.
  • Evaluation report and recommendations for future programming and promotion of success cases.


How often do you get to evaluate a projects’ longer-term impact!?


This is what we were able to do for Winrock International. The evaluation study included older and more recent research projects. We specifically looked at whether the researchers that were involved enhanced their research and policy informing capacities and to which extent the research contributed to changes in policy and practices in respective countries.

We were able to speak to former researchers and other stakeholders to identify outcomes and gain a deeper understanding on the potential impacts of the research. The findings of the study will be used for learning and improvement of future programmes as well as to promote its positive outcomes.


About JDR3


Winrock International created the John D. Rockefeller 3rd Scholars Program (JDR3) in 2004, upholding the Rockefeller family’s longstanding commitment to build the capacity and leadership skills of scholars in emerging countries. The program promotes independent social science research to inform policy and strengthens analytic skills of young professionals by giving grants to multi-disciplinary, applied research teams. Research teams support the target goals of Winrock’s donor-funded projects, providing evidence and recommendations for policies affecting marginalized populations. JDR3 teams have worked in the areas of agriculture, environment, and human trafficking.

Some of the projects include for instance research on the benefits of community co-management of wetlands in Bangladesh, SMART climate change adaptation for development of rural agriculture in Indonesia and the impacts of Avian Influenza outbreak, prevention and control on small poultry producers in Myanmar.