Exploring Flavors and Dimensions: A Creative Journey through Writeshops in the Netherlands

Imagine tasting through writing? How might that feel and be like? Sara and Nohad invited participants for a mini-writeshop to explore the dimensions of one’s life through flavors.
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Jan 31, 2024

By Nohad ElHajj

Nohad ElHajj and Bureau Twist Founder, Sara Huang have been sharing online coffees for more than 2 years. They have been exploring, reflecting, and deeply listening to each other’s journeys in facilitation. It was during one of those ‘rendez-vous’ that the idea of collaborating sparkled!

The idea was to do a mini-writeshop with a twist; inviting participants to embark on a unique reflection journey through writing, delving into the flavors of bitter, sour, sweet, and spicy. This immersive experience, designed to explore different dimensions of one’s life journey, provided a space for collective engagement and introspection.

So, with Sara’s drive and determination, two mini-writeshops were conducted in Rotterdam.

In this article, we will take you through the captivating moments and profound insights shared during this creative workshop.

Flavor 1: Sour – Exploring the Individual:

The workshop began with a focus on the flavor of sour, symbolizing the exploration of the individual. Participants reflected on their personal experiences, embracing the tartness of life’s challenges and complexities. Through writing exercises and deep introspection, they uncovered hidden layers of their own narratives, allowing their voices to be heard. The flavor of sour acted as a catalyst for self-discovery, encouraging participants to embrace their individuality and unique perspectives.


Flavor 2: Sweet – Nurturing Relationships:

Moving on to the flavor of sweet, the workshop shifted its focus towards the exploration of relationships. Participants delved into the intricacies of connections, savoring the sweetness that comes from fostering meaningful bonds. Through writing and sharing, they celebrated the joy, love, and support found within their personal and professional relationships. The flavor of sweet highlighted the importance of nourishing connections and the transformative power of human interaction.


Flavor 3: Bitter – Inter-generational Reflections:

The third flavor, bitter, led participants on a journey of intergenerational exploration. They delved into the complexities of inherited histories, acknowledging the bitterness that can arise from unresolved pasts. Through writing, participants contemplated the ways in which they can contribute to healing and reconciliation. The flavor of bitter allowed for a deeper understanding of intergenerational dynamics, fostering empathy and a commitment to breaking cycles of pain.


Flavor 4: Spicy – Connecting Across Time and Space:

Lastly, the workshop embraced the flavor of spicy, symbolizing the exploration of possibilities across time and space. Participants embarked on a transcendent journey, transcending geographical and temporal boundaries. The flavor of spicy ignited a sense of curiosity and adventure, fostering a deeper appreciation for the diverse tapestry of stories that make up our collective human experience.

By engaging with the flavors of life, participants left with a deeper appreciation for their own narratives, a sense of collective togetherness and the simple feeling of happiness.


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