How do we create clarity about the role of hydrogen in the energy mix for the built environment?

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Sep 25, 2020

At the beginning of this year, the ‘WaterstofLab’ (English: HydrogenLab) has started. The WaterstofLab brings together relevant parties and knowledge – through dialogue and digitally – to create clarity on the role of hydrogen in the energy mix for the built environment. The goals of the WaterstofLab are to:
  • Weigh the potential application of hydrogen in the built environment and to position it in relation to the alternatives
  • Learn from current and upcoming hydrogen initiatives in the built environment
  • Inform and engage all parties, so realistic choices can be made for a CO2-free built environment.
We have used the beginning of the year to bring together a good mix of the different perspectives around this issue. They met each other in lab sessions and on digital platforms and meetings. The corona crisis forces us to be creative with the available time and possibilities for participants to meet each other. This is challenging enough, because this lab is a Social Lab. And especially that social component, working in large and mixed (stakeholder)groups is crucial in these kinds of projects. We base on work on Otto Scharmer’s Theory U and various work forms from the Large Scale Intervention repertoire. We are currently descending the U-curve with the group. This is the phase of collectively looking, open listening, postponing judgement and avoiding solutions. The right themes are beginning to emerge. The next phase will be very interesting. Image of an arrow in a U shape             More info?