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09.06.2022, 16.30-19.00


Online via zoom



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Hannah Härtwich

Workshop: How to get started with Systems Mapping

Systems Mapping is a method that supports complex cooperation for systems change, by combining information from diverse sources in one overview, making it easier to identify high leverage points and plan actions to access them.

Systems maps come in many shapes and forms. What they have in common is a high density of information. The possibility to bring a wide range of information together in one overview, visualising the components and relationships of complex systems, makes systems maps a powerful tool to identify leverage points for change and plan actions to access them.

Looking at a systems map, it can be difficult to imagine how it was created. Therefore people tend to feel a bit overwhelmed and unsure where to start when they decide to create their own first systems map.

In this workshop, I will therefore walk you through the Systems Mapping process step by step. You can immediately practice what you learn throughout the workshop. We will also discuss the benefits and challenges of Systems Mapping, I will share some examples from my own work and practical tips, like what tools you can use for Systems Mapping. And there is of course space for you to ask any other questions you have about the Systems Mapping process.

For this workshop, we will work with Miro and Zoom at the same time, therefore having a mouse and two screens is beneficial.

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