HU students play Climate Change Challenge online!

With the launch of the online version of the Climate Challenge, Hogeschool Utrecht and Perspectivity were able to continue a tradition dating back to 2015.
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Apr 29, 2021

Each year since 2015, Perspectivity and Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) hosted the Climate Change Challenge for eager students of the Sustainable Development course. In 2020, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the anticipated game session was cancelled.

Yet, this year and with the launch of our online Climate Challenge version, we are finally able to host game sessions again. HU students did not miss on this unique learning experience! On March 9 and on April 13, 2021, more than 130 students gathered online to play the Climate Challenge Game.

Kitty Vreeswijk shared her insights after the game:

In a time where almost everything is online, we faced yet another challenge. Since almost a decade, our Sustainable Business Development course program starts with the Perspectivity game.

In the past year, schools have taken major steps to transform education into an online environment. And now the Perspectivity Climate Challenge makes the transition from a board game to an online game. HU was the first organization to test and play this online game with more than 130 students.

As it is cloud-based it is possible to have players from across the world competing to optimise their economies and experience and learn from decision dynamics in complex environments. Dashboards, film clips, and data are available to them, to do the right thing. Or learn from their mistakes.

It was exciting, challenging and it worked! Thanks to the wonderful support of the Perspectivity team!

More info?

  • More info about the Climate Challenge can be found here.
  • Curious to experience a game session yourself? Contact us for more information.