Hybrid Training: Learn to Navigate Complexity

This hybrid training is an online and on-the-job learning journey to understand and learn to navigate complexity in a collective and participatory learning environment. As we are more and more often confronted with complex social challenges at local, national and global level, traditional blueprint approaches do not work anymore. We need to learn to work with emergence and navigate the many actors and factors that are constantly on the move and mutually interdependent. With this hybrid training, you will develop into a facilitator of the kind of leadership which is urgently needed in complexity.
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Sep 15, 2021


Petra de Boer
Monique Janmaat


Online via Zoom


€675 (Exempt of VAT)

An online and on-the-job learning journey to learn to navigate complexity.

We are more and more often confronted with complex social challenges. Ranging from big global issues such as climate change and COVID-19, to complex situations within our communities and organisations.

In complexity, there are always many actors and factors that are constantly on the move and mutually interdependent. Traditional blueprint approaches do not work, as these are suitable for linear cause and effect relations. In complexity, we need to learn to work with emergence, and to embrace and facilitate an appropriate leadership approach.

The Complexity Navigator

Perspectivity has developed the Complexity Navigator, both a vision and a practical tool, based on proven methodologies and on many years of collective experience of working with complexity.

Learn to embrace complexity and dare to experiment with new approaches. Be the facilitator of the appropriate kind of leadership!

The Complexity Navigator helps you to unravel your situation and to find your starting point for action. You can use it over and over again as an assessment tool, whether you are at the start of a project or have been working on it for several weeks or months. The Navigator will help you to discover what deserves your attention right now and how you can move into action.


The training programme enables you to:

  • Become aware of the complex aspects of your current challenge(s)
  • Understand why we need new approaches to achieve social change in complexity
  • Learn to work with the Complexity Navigator to unravel your situation and find your starting point for action
  • Experience and experiment with the Navigator in your own professional environment and leadership

Global attendance
We offer this as a hybrid training programme in which you can participate from anywhere in the world. The training consists of the following elements:

  • Five online group sessions during which you will participate in experiential exercises, have a chance to ask and get answers to your questions, reflect on your experiences and practice with the Complexity Navigator.
  • To prepare for the online sessions, you will receive selected learning materials to read and watch in advance.
  • You will be invited to keep a journal and form peer learning groups to support your learning process, to grow as a facilitator, and to reflect on your insights and lessons throughout the training programme.
  • You will be asked to apply the Navigator to one or more complex challenges in your own professional setting.
  • And finally, you will participate in a Sprockler narrative inquiry to reflect on your experience and set learning intentions for the future.

Learning principles
These key learning principles guide the design and delivery of the training:

  • Focusing on three key themes: complexity and system change, Complexity Navigator and dialogue
  • Stacking: build on existing experience and knowledge
  • Being sensory rich: fun and engaging
  • Facilitating your learning flow
  • Fostering diversity and co-learning
  • Adaptive learning: practice and adapt over and over again


Before we kick-off together, we ask you to share your intentions for this training.


  • Get into the hybrid learning mode
  • Get to know your peers

Module 1: Complexity and Systems Change

  • Cynefin exercise: Is it complicated or complex?
  • Complex systems – boundaries and stakeholders

Module 2: Complexity Navigator & Dialogue

  • Navigator principles and building blocks
  • Levels of listening and conversation
  • Navigator exercise

Apply the Navigator and the step-by-step conversation method to unravel a complex situation in your own professional environment.

Module 3: Navigator in Practice & Interventions Taster

  • Share and reflect on your Navigator experiences
  • A taste of participatory interventions for selected building blocks

Sprockler narrative inquiry to reflect on your learning journey

Reflection: Adaptive Learning

  • Collective sensemaking of the Sprockler outcomes
  • Now what? Sharing next intentions


*Reduced Fee

  • Early birds: receive a 10% discount.
  • Reduced fee of €550 for independent professionals, second and third colleague from the same organisation and special circumstances.
  • Personal discount of €50 for bringing in another participant.


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