In the past decades, our world has changed enormously. Systems have become larger, more comprehensive and more complex. Social diversity is large, both worldwide and close to home. As inhabitants of the same planet, we are more and more connected with and dependent on each other. Especially because we are reaching the limits of the ecological capacity of the earth.

Again and again, our daily reality is influenced by many different actors and continuously changing circumstances. Clear connections between cause and effect are few. This brings unpredictability and uncertainty.

The increasing complexity will not go away. We can therefore better embrace it. We are convinced that complexity offers unprecedented opportunities for the future. By unlocking our collective wisdom, passion and creativity, we are able to harvest the potential of our diversity.

Approaching complex challenges requires a multitude of perspectives. To create an agenda for the future together, we have to be open and explore diverse and even contradictory perspectives. This is the start of collective impact, which creates space for emergence, innovation and new ideas.

In this way, we can take full advantage of the opportunities for building a sustainable and humane future.