Do you want to know more about complexity? Some of the Perspectivity partners recommend reading and watching the following sources:

Anne: ‘Using the Cynefin framework, Dave Snowden clearly explains the difference between complicated and complex. The article makes you understand why a complex situation needs different approaches than the ones we usually take.’

Han: ‘An interesting book for everyone who likes to know a bit more of how Perspectivity came about. The book is written bij co-founder Hans Keijzer — highly successful senior officer at DSM, who died in 2013. It is a highly personal story about a passionate thinker and a quest for an attitude that is focused on the service of society as a whole. But the book also contains the Perspectivity Passion Code that Hans and I co-created in 2011 and is still so valid for today’s complex world. Hans was a mechanical engineer, I am a biochemical engineer. It is in the engineering where we agreed and in the ‘how to’ where we differed. The book is an authentic story. As Feike Sijbesma, DSM CEO said: “It describes a philosophy and a movement for addressing the world’s most pressing issues; an approach to better understand the value of viewing and using multiple angles.”‘


Check out the videos below on what kids think of complexity.

Passion Code