Anna Kogut

At my best with complex issues, which require a lot of movement, co-creation and cooperation to achieve collective impact. With a passion for guiding and further developing (personal) leadership of professionals. My experience and background is a mix of 15+ in NGO p.r. and communication management, program / stakeholder management, 10+ years of experience with creative processes (direction and coaching av industry) and 5+ experience with process facilitation and design at governments (nat. government / municipalities).

I would describe myself as result-oriented, energetic, analytical and intuitive. I often hear from people that I bring a lot of energy, movement and create space to experiment and also to fail. I also tend to challenge people. I am ambitious  – a ‘reach for the stars’ kind of person…My heart lies with the climate, democratisation and personal development. Eager to learn, especially on deep democracy, (eastern) philosophy, meditation, intuition and other mental states to progress and deal with our 21st century challenges.

I can completely find myself in Perspectivity’s vision on dealing with current complex challenges. That is that we must (learn to) deal with various perspectives and stakeholders. There is no longer 1 party who is the expert and no one party has the total overview. Traditional (waterfall) approaches to management therefore do not work or do not work satisfactorily. We see there is no qualitative communication and decision making and this leads to undesired actions and results.

The intended change or innovation suffers and does not get off the ground ….In this way valuable time, energy and money are wasted. Time, energy and money that we could possibly have used differently. For the benefit of an inclusive, sustainable – yes, future-proof world.

Hence, the need for people, information, resources, parties within a (new) project or program to be streamlined with each other, is essential. In order to make the right choices, for support, cohesion, movement and innovation. I would like to help you with that, as a facilitator, process designer, program manager or strategic advisor.

I improve communication and decision-making processes so that decisiveness, co-creation and the impact of cooperation can be demonstrably improved.

Until now I have worked with municipalities, colleges, NGOs and companies – on cooperation and change issues.

Clients include: ATRIA, Agriprofocus, Arbo Unie, Ministry of Justice & Safety, Child Protection Board, Ministry of Defense, Hollands Delta Water Boards, Amsterdam Municipality, avg. Oosterhout, Gem Overbetuwe, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Partos (trade association of all Dutch development cooperation organisations), Civicus, Light for the World.

If you are looking for new ways to help people discover new things about themselves as an organisation or group, or if you need support with an organisational challenge (good or bad): call Anna. Anna is both innovative and practical as she does inspiring work to bring new methods into contemporary (business) practice. She is able to facilitate the essence of a (complex) situation in a very short time. Collaborating with Anna was a pleasure – Harold van Garderen, CEO, StoryConnect.

Curious about new approaches and ways of working for complex challenges? Getting acquainted is always possible.


Anne van Marwijk

Since 2014, I have been working at Perspectivity as a freelance consultant and facilitator. I really enjoy designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder processes and learning and evaluation trajectories.

My background is in anthropology and development studies. I have lived in different countries such as Mexico, the United Kingdom and Tanzania and am currently situated in Amsterdam.

From my background in anthropology and large fascination with languages, I am specially interested in connections and understanding between people.

In October 2014, I joined Perspectivity as an intern and then went on to become a young enterpriser within Perspectivity. Since 2016, I become an official partner in the collective (maatschap).

In my time at Perspectivity I co-developed research tool Sprockler to, through using the latest technological developments, make it easier to bring different perspectives together and find the connections between them. I train people in the approach and methodology behind the tool: how they can ask the right questions, how they can collect stories in a participatory manner, and start the conversation about the results for the story and data collection. In this way, I like to support people and organisations to use the tool to gain more insights into what is happening in their complex setting to make better decisions for the future.

Next to my work with Sprockler processes, I design and facilitate multi-stakeholder processes and learning and evaluation trajectories. Recent examples include the multi-stakeholder process around the shelter and guidance for undocumented people in the municipality of Amsterdam, the end review of  knowledge platform for inclusive development policies INCLUDE and the learning trajectory for the Young Leaders for Human Security programma of the Human Security Collective. 

For Perspectivity I also regularly produce visual reports of dialogue sessions or multiple day processes in the form of a website or newspaper. Examples of this can be found on our Publications page.

M: +31624150669
S: annevanmarwijk

Arjan de Jager

Prototyping and a participatory approach and application of data science in analysing and solving complex problems … yes, that makes my heart beat faster.

I have an academic background in Informatics (both technical and administrative). After my studies, I have contributed to proper use of ICT products and services working in different positions in “softer” sectors such as development cooperation, education and health care. In these sectors, it is striking that ICT (and nowadays data analysis) was and is often a catalyst of change. That makes ICT such a wonderful field for me.

I have worked for companies, government institutes and NGOs in the Netherlands, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mali and Surinam. My work generally focuses on the intersection of organisational change, policy, strategy and computerisation.

Lately, I have become fascinated by the ‘new’ data science. With Garage2020, an organisation with the ambition to stop current youth services through new technology such as virtual reality, robotics, data analysis, I have conducted an analysis and based on that we have developed applications that, amongst others, support the – often complex – decision making processes by a group of youth services professionals. One of these applications, the app “Extra Teamlid” (extra team member) has won several prizes in the Netherlands, such as the E-health award during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (2018) and two categories during the Spin Awards (2019).

I like to work on projects where ICT and/or data are used to realise change, preferably as disruptive as possible. In 2020, I will amongst others work with Fairphone, a social enterprise with the ambition to realise change in the telecommunications sector. The Fairphone is a smart phone that is produced with ethically sourced materials (tin, tungsten, gold, etc.) and has a modular technical design to lengthen its lifetime. Fairphone will never surpass its competitions in terms of sales but that is not the goal. Fairphone wants to increase the awareness for sustainable and ethical production in the smart phone industry and inspire other companies to also develop modular phones with ethically sourced materials.

Next to this, since 2011 I have been teaching for on average two hours a week at the Virtual University of Uganda for the MSc programme ICT4development. Normally I teach at a distance (from my house in Amsterdam), but now I am able to spend more time in Uganda for, for example, coaching students and supervising graduation projects.

Elien Rogaar

For almost twenty years I have experience in facilitating organisational change trajectories and learning and development processes. As management trainer/consultant I worked with different organisations in the private sector in the Netherlands as well as with governments and civil society organisations in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Central America.
Most of my work is on the field of organization culture, leadership, strategy development, performance management, team development and (large) group facilitation. I have an academic background in Organisational Psychology.

My approach is participatory, directed towards a shared ambition and focusing on common ground, collaboration and self-steering.

I worked at De Baak Management Centre, at MDF Training & Consultancy and at On-Lime Consultancy. In 2012 I co-founded Perspectivity Enterprise.

I am a certified change agent in Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools, Spiral Dynamics, Integral and Profile Dynamics, and Future Search. Often I apply the approach of Appreciative Inquiry and I am fascinated by the ideas of Theory U and systemic work.

And furthermore, I live a happy family life with Maarten and our two daughters, in the countryside near Amsterdam.

What other people say about Elien:

Elien is a thoroughly creative and inspired “facilitator of change”. She influences change processes tactfully and subtly while paying a great deal of care and attention to personal aspects. She approaches her consultancy work with integrity and has a good perspective on group dynamics. She also provides a comprehensive set of tools to help people and groups to understand their personality, motivations, beliefs and behaviours and to give them guidance.

T: +31 615 058 106

Han Rakels

I am experienced in leading, managing and facilitating development processes all around the world.  I have worked with governments, businesses, universities and NGOs in Asia, Africa, the Middle-East, South America and Europe.

My academic background is in chemical engineering (PhD) and business administration, to which I added group dynamics, personal and organisational behaviour to make the cocktail complete.

I facilitate processes and conduct training in order to effect long-lasting change. My work is characterised by dynamism, interaction and learning. In almost twenty years of international work, finding common ground, and generating commitment and ownership among stakeholders have become key aspects of my approach. I enjoy facilitating complex multi-stakeholder processes and have worked with very diverse and polarised groups and institutions. I use large group methods such as future search, open space technology, world cafe and appreciative inquiry and have worked with the founding fathers and mothers of these methods.

I am married to Lisette, who is also a partner in Perspectivity, have 2 daughters – both born on the 13th (just like me, my father and grandfather). I am a lover of water (swimming, diving…), and I play piano and didgeridoo. I also find it hard to choose between living in the city and living in the countryside.

What others say about Han:

As a biochemical engineer, Han is fascinated by complexity, combining and extracting each and every element to create something fundamentally new. His desire to make this world a little more loving has led him to shift his focus from physical to human matters and he is continuously engaged in studying the complexity of human systems.

With his sharp and open mind, he invites you to look beyond the commonplace and to take risks. Han uses inspiring processes to enable individuals to commit to their chosen target and be open to surprises. Han contributes passion, attention to detail and surprises.

Read a Story told by Han. (pdf)

M: +31 622 990 776
S: han_rakels

Han Verhoeven

Questioning and listening with open mind and heart is key in my style of working. Combined with structured analysis and creativity, the workshops and training courses I design and facilitate are usually practical, full of insights and a pleasure to experience.

My passion is to assist individuals, teams and organisations in expressing their dreams, interests and values while listening to others. Searching and creating common ground leads to willingness to act.   ‘Be a contribution’ is my motto. I use strength based approaches like Appreciative Inquiry and Future Search. Enable appreciative understanding and self expression in situations of conflict has my particular interest.

I have twenty years of experience in organisational development and network building. I trained hundreds of professionals in the field of facilitation, learning and session design. I am a specialist in gender and security. I often work in intercultural settings and overseas.

I am an IAF certified Professional® Facilitator, Brain Central Learning professional and accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner. In 2012 I co-founded Perspectivity Enterprise.

What other people say about Han:

Han has elevated “don’t just do something, stand there” to an art when facilitating her sessions. It is no surprise that she is qualified to accredit facilitators for IAF. Her deep compassion for women and their roles and rights in society is truly heartfelt, and finds its expression in her training. Down-to-earth and practical, rooted in reality and inspired, is she always open to searching to find where the solution lies.

M: +31 644 235 475

Jelle Troelstra

Since 1990 I have been working as consultant in the field of public management and policymaking. I support public authorities in policy development projects on spatial planning, environment, transport, water, nature, among other domains. I cover the complete range from visioning, formulating and decision making to implementation, with a focus on effectiveness of policymaking, and team and organizational performance.

My approach lies in integrating diverse interests of multiple stakeholders involved in public management for sustainable results for all parties: ministries, local governments, interest groups, corporations. I help clients formulate executable policies and legislation, by making them coherent and clear through a creative writing and communication process. In other occasions I support teams and individuals to meet their organizational and personal development needs.

My drive is to facilitate the exploration of new pathways to enable organisations to excel and grow to reach their goals. I help them to clarify their ambitions in development plans. As a nature lover, my drive is to look for sustainable solutions for the environment small and big. I am goal and results oriented, with an open eye for people and organization’s developmental needs.

I am educated in environmental sciences and have been trained in various approaches for organizational development and coaching.


Lisette Gast

I have over fifteen years of work experience in fostering learning organisations and development cooperation.  With an academic background in communications, I gained experience with many facets of international cooperation in several countries, including Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Tanzania, Ghana and Jordan. During my career I developed a passion for connecting the individual to the organisation through the use of meaningful participation and reflection.

I strongly support innovative learning and have designed and facilitated a range of processes, which include setting up evaluations systems, coaching, trainings, external evaluations and working with large data-sets.

I dare to say about myself that I’m creative and flexible in the application of creative participatory methods and tools.  I possess strong analytical skills and have an open and energetic personality.

What other people say about Lisette:

Lisette contributes a feminine perspective with flair. She is both surprisingly friendly and sharp as a needle. Very alert when it comes to mutual frictions, she likes to hold up a mirror to people, but is also willing to look in the mirror with you if she is part of the situation. Lisette specialises in reflection. No one is able to set up systems that make implicit situations explicit in quite the way that Lisette can. From this perspective, she works with organisations and people, helping them to develop further.

M: +31 614 670 340
S: lizzygast

Marjolein Kok

During my career, as an international development cooperation and social justice expert, change processes have always fascinated me. Over the years, I have worked in the Netherlands and internationally, including in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel and Palestine. I sometimes worked in fragile areas or with partners operating in conflict sensitive environments on issues related to human rights, corporate accountability, community resilience and natural resource management. In these complex settings I have witnessed the power of dialogue and bottom-up approaches, the urgency for systemic thinking, and the necessity for fair engagement, inclusion and the participation of vulnerable groups.

I strongly believe in the strength of diversity and something that drives me is bringing people together to cross-fertilize, to create a space for dialogue. Connecting people and nature is also one of my passions. I would say my approach is focused on appreciation and participation, and working towards common ownership. There are several methods that have inspired me along the way, amongst others the Work that ReconnectsDeep Democracy and systemic thinking. I also enjoy the process of analyzing and designing, to think in concrete steps without losing sight of the bigger picture. Perhaps that is why I like to work with the Sprockler methodology and tool: designing and conducting participatory narrative inquiries and evaluations.

I obtained a master degree in international development planning at University College London (UCL) and a bachelor degree in Public Policy, focusing on rights-based and participatory approaches, land custodianship and sustainable food systems.

In my free time, I am a business and human rights working group member at a Dutch Commission on Human Rights and a member of the United Nations Harmony with Nature knowledge platform. I also sing, dance and travel whenever I can.

More info? 

Mark Snijder

As a writer, editor and researcher, I support organisations in the youth field (in the Netherlands and the Middle East) to deepen, unravel and disseminate knowledge and experience which is relevant to their work. I do this by interviewing, researching and analysing, writing and editing, and programming meetings.

I share the new insights in reports, stories, articles and publications – and occasionally a podcast.

Recently, I’ve collected and analysed the lessons learned in the (local) practice of preventing radicalisation. I interviewed families and youth professionals about the youth care provided to families with complex problems, and what insights we can draw from this for the future. For an NGO, I described its programmes in Iraq, including the impact and evaluation results.

At the same time, I see that making optimal use of our collective knowledge requires more than a good interview, a sharp interpretation of lessons learned or a cleverly written story. It also requires proficiency in dealing with complex issues, and knowing what complexity actually means. It requires cleverly bringing the right people together, facilitating a good interview, and ensuring that the in-depth knowledge is actually used for the issues we now face.

So that’s what I’m getting more and more involved with. Because these ways of working are necessary for the issues that are close to my heart – youth care, radicalisation, and the future of young people in the Middle East.


+31 6 41852384