Lego and Lencioni: Water Board Hollandse Delta play to work together

Anna shares her story about playing with Lego at the Water Management Board Hollandse Delta:

“All of a sudden you get a call and you’re asked: “Is it possible to apply Lego Serious Play in our situation?”. Often that is possible! If the organisation is looking for a truly different way of exploring ‘what it is about’. So I set sail to the Water Management Board Hollandse Delta in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands.

The two teams in the department of communication were looking for a way to work better together. To be challenged and leave their different silos. To share more about what they were working on and what their vision on their work is. By facilitating Lego Serious Play, I was able to give all participants the space and peace to create their own unique ‘constructions’, to present their own model of reality.

It is really a lot of fun to be able to do this and see how people blossom when they can tell their own story. This relates to questions such as ‘How do I experience collaboration in this department’, but then it is expressed through lego bricks! Tough questions with often surprising answers. And how do you then go from individual constructions to something communal? Which issues do you encounter then? Are you able to actually talk about those issues? With Lego Serious Play you can ‘seriously’ play with these questions and you find out what it is really about in a light way. Because you have the building blocks to model, experiment and adjust continuously. This gives space for reflection and interpretation and enables you to go into depth surprisingly quickly.

The Water Management Board was already working together according to Lencioni’s principles. We were able to use Lego Serious Play in such a way that is strengthens Lencioni’s insights, namely:

  1. Creating trust
  2. Speaking your mind (rather than avoiding conflicts)
  3. Generating involvement
  4. Taking responsibility for what you create (think about the constructions!)
  5. Attention for the results of your efforts

It became clear: Lego and Lencioni strengthen each other organically and provide a good upgrade to working as as team and help teams to become more self-guiding!”

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Lego4scrum lets HR professionals experience Scrum

How do you learn Scrum? By doing it!

Scrum theory can be explained quickly on the back of a notepad. But that does not help you to understand what an agile mindset can bring to your organisation and why. So when the Boxmeergroep – network of about 40 Human Resource Development (HRD) professionals in the Netherlands – asked if I could initiate them in Scrum, I suggested to play with Lego.

Lego4scrum is an interactieve way to experience the importance of agility and the power of Scrum. And on top of that, it is fun! In a simulation of about 2 hours, participants are asked to design a tourist island in front of the coast of Nicaragua. The product owner explains her wishes. The teams determine how to get things done. And they get to work!

Thanks to this simulation I am starting to love Scrum!

After the game, the group reflects on their insights and the application in their own professional practices.

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