AVICRES is a Brazilian/German NGO which has programmes that focus on transforming the lives of vulnerable (poor) people, especially children and youth, by providing safe havens. They do this through social, educational and health work. The vision of AVICRES is expressed through its name: “Associação Vida no Crescimento e na Solidariedade” which can be loosely translated as ‘Collaborating for life, in that it can grow in solidarity’. The founder of AVICRES, Johannes Niggemeier explains: “We don’t work for a better Brasil, not even a better Nova Igucau, we just work where there are poor people that need solidarity and our help.”

Funding is mainly organised by the German branch, whereas the responsibility for design and implementation of the projects lies in Brazil. Examples of projects are a kindergarten, a learning bakery and a health centre. The aim of each project is that it becomes financially self-sustainable one day. AVICRES is supported by KinderMissionsWerk, one of its major financial donors.

Perspectivity facilitated an evaluation process which created momentum and the space to improve the organisation from within.