Dublin City Council

Dublin City Council is the democratically elected body that governs Dublin City. The council are the largest Local Authority in Ireland.

Dublin Corporation – changed to  Dublin City Council in 2001 – was established in 1840 as a result of the Municipal Corporation Reform (Ireland) Act. This law implemented many important reforms that were needed to improve the operations and accountability of local government. One of the most significant of these was to greatly increase the number of people who could vote in city elections.

One can obtain a wide range of information and services from Dublin City Council:

  • Business services, e.g. licences, permits, rates
  • Community services, e.g. community grants, immigration
  • Housing services, e.g. maintenance, housing list
  • Recreation & culture services, e.g. libraries, sports fields
  • Planning services, e.g. applications, objections, conservation
  • Roads & transport services, e.g. traffic updates, parking
  • Waste, water & environmental services, e.g. litter, noise, fire brigade

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