SME Netherlands – Netherlands

The SME Netherlands is the largest entrepreneurs’ organisation in the Netherlands. Some 120 branch organisations and 250 regional and local entrepreneurs’ fellowships are affiliated to this umbrella organisation. All in all, MKB-Nederland promotes the interests of some 150.000 entrepreneurs, comprising areas as the construction, industry, retail, chain-store trade, recreation, and tourism, business services and health care and medical services.  Small and medium-sized companies obviously have a strong vested interest in a healthy enterprise climate and, consequently, in incentive-based government policies. Combining the strength of private enterprises is a decisive factor in promoting such a climate. SME Netherlands unifies strength to enhance representative credibility.

Perspectivity facilitated “open space sessions” for the creation of “learn-and-work jobs” for students, with involvement of stakeholders such as SMEs, labour organizations, schools, and so on.