KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation – Netherlands

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation is one of the principal international non-profit organizations that is exclusively dedicated to and focused on fighting tuberculosis (TB) worldwide and to strengthening health systems against TB, globally and locally. It is an international center of expertise for TB control, including doctors, researchers, training experts, nurses and epidemiologists. Their aim is to stop the spread of the worldwide epidemic of the second ‘killer’ infectious disease and to prevent the further spread of drug-resistant TB.

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience on tuberculosis control with countries and partner organizations.  It works closely with many partners, at local, national and global levels, and in countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, providing a full range of services to national TB control programs, local partners, international organizations and platforms involved in global policy development.

Project: Perspectivity worked for around 2 years with KNCV to design its organizational monitoring and evaluation system. KNCV constantly monitors and evaluates all its activities, outputs and outcomes in order to be able to provide optimal quality of services.