The Perspectivity organisation is a collaborative effort in and by itself. We have two legs that reinforce each other:

  • The Enterprise is a partnership of consultants that provide professional services to guide communities and organisations towards inspired dialogue and self-reflective learning. Perspectivity Enterprise is registered as CRBKO in The Netherlands and our trainings are therefore VAT exempted.
  • The Network comprises all those who are inspired by the Perspectivity philosophy and want to share these ideas with a broader audience.

We are based in the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, England, Tanzania, India and South-East Asia.

Postal addresses:

Perspectivity Enterprise
Spaarneplein 2
2515 VK Den Haag
Phone: +31 610 334 466

Perspectivity Network
Krugerplein 10-A
1091 KX Amsterdam
Phone:+31 610 334 466

Perspectivity Challenge
Mail to for questions or booking of Perspectivity Challenge sessions.

To contact Enterprise partners or network member in other countries go to: Perspectivity worldwide.

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