Hydrogen Mobility Game

Under what circumstances does hydrogen become a sustainable and profitable alternative fuel for transportation? How can we trigger the supply and simultaneously the demand of hydrogen? Which hydrogen production methods are most efficient in relation to a changing energy supply?

With these question in mind, Perspectivity started developing a serious game, commissioned by the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) in November 2018. The goal of the game is to let participants experience the transition to a hydrogen-based economy. After Mark, Michiel, Herman and Marjolein came together in many sessions and tested it in different organizations, the Hydrogen Mobility Game was delivered in September 2019.

The game
The Hydrogen Mobility Challenge puts players in the shoes of politicians, researchers, carriers transporting packages, producers or distributors of fuel. Together participants form a nation, responsible for making a transition from fuel-based mobility to hydrogen mobility.

The transition process encompasses various challenges: reducing CO2 emissions without harming economic development, facilitating research and technical development, transitioning to sustainable production of fuel while ensuring business continuity. The players experience trade-offs and the impact of choices of individuals as well as the group.

The Hydrogen Mobility Game triggers a unique learning experience that will leave participants with an improved understanding of the different scenarios for transitioning towards hydrogen-based mobility. Players have the opportunity to learn how to best engage with other stakeholders and manage diverging interests.

So far, the game has already been played at a conference on renewable energy, a university and at a conference with over 140 managers of Shell. Some of the reactions are: “highly realistic”, “engaging and fun”, “at first chaotic but then I started to see the connections”

Because the game includes five different player roles, it is a bit more complicated than the Climate Challenge or Nexus Challenge. Whereas these games are especially powerful in enhancing cooperation, the Hydrogen game enhances more ‘system insight’.

Target audience
The Hydrogen Mobility Game can be played with a wide range of participant groups in a variety of settings, for instance at conferences and seminars, within schools, institutions and organisations interested in themes linked to environmental sustainability and (cross-sector) collaboration, however not exclusively.

The game can be played with 8-13 people, preferably with multiple groups for comparability.

About the developers
The Hydrogen Mobility Game was developed by Perspectivity in cooperation with ISPT, commissioned by TKI New Gas. Perspectivity aims to contribute to potential solutions for complex problems through inspired dialogue and reflective learning.  

More info?
We are now looking for more organisations and events where we can facilitate the Hydrogen Mobility Game! If you know an organisation that would benefit, if you would like to have more information or if you are interested in our next open game, please contact Mark.