National Security Challenge

Can we move from a whole-of-government approach to national resilience to a whole-of-nation approach to national resilience? The public and private sector need to work together to keep their population safe. They face conflicts of interest, compete for resources and search for their own role in building a resilient society.

This challenge was developed in cooperation with the National Security Coordination Secretariat of Singapore.

How do you play the game?
The game participants (24 people ideally) are divided into two times six groups. There are two game boards. Each game board represents a national economy; and on each board there are six players representing sectors acting in that economy. Both public sector and private sector are represented. The public sector through government teams, the private sector through market economy teams. Next to economic growth, the public sector teams also have the goal to provide security and resilience. During the game, the teams can expand their economies and build infrastructure and facilities on the game board, which produces new capital to invest for the next round of the game. The objective is to generate as much revenue as possible at the end of the game. The game is finished with a debrief that ties together and reflects upon the lessons of the game.

The world is becoming increasingly complex and this calls for appropriate tools on how to deal with the world’s commons. The National Security Challenge aims to provide players with insights into the dynamics at play and to stimulate reflection on collaboration between different players with different interests and perspectives. The National Security Challenge is a variation on the Perspectivity Climate Challenge, which is based on the tragedy of the commons.

Game details

Who should play this game?
Everyone can play this game. It can be particularly interesting for aid workers, public administration, local communities, NGOs, policy makers, business people and law enforcement services.

How many people can play this game?
The ideal number is 24 or higher multiples of 12, but different numbers are possible.

How long does this game take?
Approximately 2.5 hours (including a good debrief)

In which languages is the game available?
English. The game is easily translatable and versions in different languages can be provided upon request.

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