Communication Scrum

Are you tired of the old communication plan? Do you want to work more flexible and have more fun doing project work. And above all, do you want to achieve results that really matter, not just for the communications department, but especially for the business and for the stakeholders. Then is time to go Scrum!

Two-day hands on training
In this two-day, hands-on training you will learn what Scrum is, how it works and how to introduce it in your organisation.

The training is an initiative of the Van Ruler Academy and given by two trainers:

  • Betteke van Ruler, emeritus professor of communication studies and author and founder of the Reflective Communication Scrum (Adfogroep)
  • Petra de Boer, experienced communication professional and co-author of Scrum in action, the practical guide for successful projects (Business Contact, June 2015, Dutch)

More information: 

  • Dates: 11 & 25 April 2016
  • Location: De Zilveren Vosch in Utrecht
  • Language: Dutch

Registration: Van Ruler Academy