Lead More: Control Less

Executive Leadership Masterclass

For executive leaders in business, public or non profit arenas and those working directly with them as advisers, coaches, and trainers.

Experience the power of putting your trust in the collective intelligence of the group! This unique course is based on Marv Weisbord and Sandra Janoff’s current book Lead More, Control Less: Eight Advanced Leadership Skills that Overturn Convention. It is for leaders who want to take a deeper plunge into understanding what it takes to become an effective leader in today’s complex world.

In her decades of leading groups all over the world, Sandra discovered that she could get better results by helping people coordinate and control their own work rather than by issuing orders from above. This leads to higher motivation, greater creativity and longer-lasting results than more traditional practices. This workshop will be driven by the experience, insights, and needs of the participants, together with the training and insights from Sandra Janoff.

  • Location: Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, Ireland
  • Dates: 20 and 21 July 2016
  • Costs: €1.200 (including tuition, materials, lunch and refreshments)
  • Early Bird Registration: €990 if you sign up before 30 April
About the trainer

Sandra Janoff, PhD, Co-Director
of the Future Search Network, co-developed the principle-based methodology called Future Search, a process used world-wide to get the “whole system” focusing on the future and creating values-based action strategies. She has led strategic planning meetings all over the world and taught the principles to thousands of people.

She co-authored Future Search: Getting the Whole System in the Room for Vision, Commitment, and Action (2010), Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There! Ten Principles for Leading Meetings that Matter (2007) and Lead More, Control less: Eight Advanced Leadership Skills that Overturn Convention (2015).

More information and registration please contact:
Michael Donnelly
E: michael.donnelly@perspectivity.org
M: +447739518998

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