Managing a Future Search

Training Course

For many years Perspectivity has been inspired by the principles and practice of the whole system methodology. We are very proud to offer a range of Future Search Network events in Dublin, Ireland during the summer of 2016. Register today for a unique experience and be sure to take advantage of the early bird offers.

For Business, Non-Profit & Public Sector Leaders, Managers, Consultants and Facilitators.

The Future Search workshop is iconic. It has created the conditions for real transformation in thousands of settings around the world. If you are interested in aligning a group of diverse people to discover common ground and collective action, then this is an essential methodology. Sandra Janoff has trained over 5000 people on how to lead a Future Search. The enduring popularity of the training is testament to the robustness of the course and the methods. See for yourself what it is all about.a

  • Location: in the beautiful surroundings of Kippure Estate, Dublin, Ireland
  • Dates: 17, 18 and 19 July 2016
  • Costs: €1.850 (including tuition, materials, meals and accommodation)
  • Early Bird Registration: €1.650 if you sign up before 30 April
About the trainer

Sandra Janoff, PhD, Co-Director
 of the Future Search Network, co-developed the principle-based methodology called Future Search, a process used world-wide to get the “whole system” focusing on the future and creating values-based action strategies. She has led strategic planning meetings all over the world and taught the principles to thousands of people.

She co-authored Future Search: Getting the Whole System in the Room for Vision, Commitment, and Action (2010), Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There! Ten Principles for Leading Meetings that Matter (2007) and Lead More, Control less: Eight Advanced Leadership Skills that Overturn Convention (2015).

More information and registration please contact:
Michael Donnelly
M: +447739518998

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