Perspectivity Academy

Leaders and Followers

Perspectivity is offering an innovative development program that takes you on a journey to learn more about your self, your environment, your world. In this course we embrace complexity: Understanding what it is; challenging and facing our (un)certainties; exploring self-knowledge; understanding others; experimenting with different interactive processes; learning about the future of innovation and development. A course that evokes a paradigm shift in thinking and behaviour. Be prepared for new perspectives.

For courageous and aspiring people

This course is for everyone with the ambition and potential to make a difference, for future leaders and future followers who ask the question: how do we bring people together and unlock collective knowledge, passion and creativity in such a way that people are able to cope with the challenges and opportunities of today?

This program surprises, inspires, confronts and constructs

Some key words: Dialogue, self-awareness, ethics, open system thinking, personality and behaviour, innovation, team work, building impact, appreciative inquiry, meetings that matter. Be prepared to be surprised….