The Municipality Participates

Workshop for government officials and politicians

Society is getting more and more complex. Knowledge and technology are growing exponentially and the diversity of people and their interdependency is increasing. This places new demands on the role the local government plays.

The municipality is expected to stop shaping the city for its inhabitants and start shaping it with its inhabitants, businesses and knowledge institutes. Participatory leadership, with the municipality as one of many players (read: stakeholders) in society.

Workshop purpose

The workshop participatory policy making gives insight in the increasing social complexity of society and offers practical tools to deal with this. Participants experience what is needed to create a common ground with large groups of diverse stakeholders. And they learn how to design and implement effective, broadly supported plans of action.

The complete municipal council – a rarity – supports the economical vision the municipality has decided on for the next fifteen years.


The training consists of 2 parts, both three days in length. The workshop is highly interactive and builds upon the experience and current questions in the municipality.

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