About us

Perspectivity is a collective and a community of professionals who love to navigate complexity. 

We are facilitators of social systems change. We are convinced that the available knowledge, technology and resources are fantastic opportunities to deal with today’s complexity. By collectively making sense of the world around us, we believe we can co-create our desired future.  

To this end, we design and foster multi-stakeholder dialogue processes that use collective wisdom for the common good. We bring together people with different knowledge, stakes and perspectives to find common ground. We do this even when it might be difficult, because this is when learning, innovation and transformation take place.  

The innovative methods we use fit the unpredictable nature of complex challenges and allow for new solutions to emerge. These approaches involve the head, heart and hands (logic, emotion and action) and create energy and fun along the way. 

Is it complicated or complex?


For sustainable growth we need processes and structures congruent with this aspiration. We have defined a set core services that we believe in.

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