Network activities

The Perspectivity Network was started in The Netherlands and has since then spread across the world. There are active members in the United Kingdom, Germany, United States of America, Tanzania, India, Cambodia, the Philippines and China.


About every 3-4 months a network event is organised in The Netherlands. Current members as well as those interested can attend these events. We organise dialogue sessions and workshops to continue to broaden and deepen our ideas and to strengthen our shared ambitions. Check out our Calendar for upcoming events.

Perspectivity Challenge

The Network’s most successful product is the Perspectivity Challenge, a game session that offers a unique learning experience. Participants return home with clear insights into how they can shape a more sustainable world.


Since recently, the Network started experimenting with CoBudget, our very own crowdfunding platform. Do you have a great idea or are you curious to learn about the ideas of others, check it out.

Perspectivity Foundation

The Network is supported by the Perspectivity Foundation. The postal address of the foundation is Krugerplein 10-A, 1091 KX Amsterdam. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration number is 14104743.