The first Perspectivity Game in Scotland, in May 2014, was actually inspired by one in India, and it sparked the creation of a student-led Perspectivity Network in the University of Edinburgh.

Since then, with support from Perspectivity UK, this team of students has established their roots, working with sustainability and activist student societies as well as the university and students’ association to hold Perspectivity Game sessions for students. Working entirely within the university space has posed interesting challenges and prompted re-imagining of how the network functions.



All our activities to date have centred on the Perspectivity Game, working with university students to understand and engage with social dynamics and decision-making from the individual to the global level. This has happened both through open sessions for interested students and staff, and through focused workshops with particular student groups. We have worked with:

• Departments of the University of Edinburgh (the Global Justice Academy, the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Department, the Sociology Department),

• EUSA, the students’ association,

• And student societies (Amnesty International Society, Sustainable Development Society, Student Voice for Animal Rights, FAQ the board games society).

We are looking towards expanding our base of volunteers in the university, particularly through a student-oriented event in October 2015 on being agents of change.