Perspectivity was founded in 2011 by Han Rakels and Hans Keijzer, when they finished writing the “Passion-code”. This document outlined their shared beliefs and ambitions. The process took a symbolic nine months, culminating in its current version in September 2011.

On the basis of this “genetic material”, a (volunteer) network and a consultancy firm merged into one integrated organisation with two different entities: Perspectivity Enterprise and Perspectivity Network. Both are guided and inspired by the Passion Code.

Some years before…

Hans Keijzer started the network together with 8 committed individuals in 2006. It has been growing steadily ever since. Members of the network were trained to develop and apply dialogue-based processes for complex social issues. They also developed the Perspectivity Game that vividly illustrates the dynamics of complexity in sessions which are now played worldwide. To support the network’s activities ‘The Perspectivity Foundation’ was founded in 2007 with the legal status of a charity.

A few years earlier, in 2001, Han Rakels had established Kirin Consultancy. Kirin is a mythological figure that appeared in a dream to the mother of Confucius and ever since it has been seen as an omen that something good is on its way. Kirin-affiliated consultants have worked with organisations and communities on every continent, applying dialogue-based processes to enhance inspiration, innovative power and learning capacity in the ways in which organisations change and organise.

When the latter company became involved with training the first network members in 2008, this signalled the start of the cross-pollination that resulted 3 years later in Perspectivity as we know it today.